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Has looking for a tradesperson ever caused you stress? You wouldn’t be alone if it has. It’s tough to know where to turn and who exactly to call. Several questions go through our heads in this situation:

  • How close is this tradesman or woman?
  • Are the reliable or a cowboy?
  • Will they charge me fairly?
  • How do I know what’s fair and what isn’t?
  • Will the work they do be up to standard?
  • How soon can they be available?

These are all excellent questions that everybody has when they need to hire a tradesperson. It can be hard to know who you hire and who to trust. But that’s where we come in.

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We at Smart Tradesman are a comparison site and our aim; is to take away this stress for you, locate the best quality trades people in your local area and put you in touch with them. We will only ever put you in contact with trustworthy and fairly priced trades people who have the skills and qualifications to competently do the job you have that needs completing.

And to provide a selection of quotes based on the prices advertised by trades people who are located close to you. Ideally by only a few miles. However, we’re only interested in finding you quotes from tradesmen and women who are reputable.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All of our trades people are local and based in your surrounding area. In order to assure quality, we may look slightly further afield for you in some cases, but we will always endeavour to make sure that every tradesperson we recommend is somebody that covers the area you live. This way there will be no hidden costs for travel expenses, and it’s likely that this particular tradesperson has done work for someone else you know. We guarantee to find you a tradesman or woman who is local to you.

We understand that this is a legitimate fear that many customers have. There are so many horror stories about the poor craftmanship of a tradesperson or how they have left an ungodly mess once they have been. Perhaps they didn’t understand the job or didn’t have the experience and qualifications to complete it.

We will make sure that any trades people we refer you to or offer a quote from operates at the highest of standards and that their quality and professionalism is assured. Quite frankly we do not display quotes from any trades people unless they come highly recommended. Each will be happy to tell you about their experience, qualifications and certification if required.

This is another common worry that so many people have. Price is a very important part of hiring any tradesperson. We will only ever provide a quote from someone if we feel their prices are fair, and reflective of the job they have been hired to do. To make sure their prices are competitive we’ll always offer multiple quotes. This way you can compare several local trades people and guarantee you’re getting the best possible service for your money.

Remember a quote is only ever an indication of what the job will cost to complete. It may cost more if it turns out to be a much bigger job. However, it may also cost you less if it turns out to be a quick fix. Our professional trades people will always be sure to inform you of the different prices each job could cost. This way you can make the best decision.

This is an excellent question. How do we know what’s a fair price and what’s a rip-off if we’re not familiar with that type of work? This lack of insight is exactly what’s allowed so many sub-par trades people or cowboys’ to change inflated and unfair prices in the past. We have taken steps to counter this. Anyone who’s been seen to trade unethically will not be presented to you for a quote. We will provide a collection of trades people so you can compare their prices. Of course, some prices may vary, but this will give you a good understanding of what an average price is.

Our website also contains some detailed price guides too. This way you can see for yourself what is an expected price for certain jobs, so when you apply for a quote you know what’s fair and what may be more expensive than the norm. However, any quotes you receive from us will be fair and in line with the industry average. Some trades people are very experienced and qualified however, therefore they may charge an addition premium because their work is in such high demand.

Each of the tradesmen and women we work with have been established and in business for a long time and have built up a positive reputation among their local customers. If the company or individual happens to be a fairly new business, you can be assured that the people working for it are fully qualified and the work they do will be to the highest of standards. If not, then we wouldn’t include them in our list of quotes when it is provided to you.
As each of our professional tradesmen and women is local to you, then it’s likely they will be available soon. However, some will be very popular and in high demand. Once you’ve been given a quote from us you can then choose the tradesperson you feel will be best suited to the work you need doing. We would recommend asking them directly when they are available as each person’s availability will fluctuate depending on the time of year and their own personal commitments. As each is local though, we’re confident they will be with you in no time at all. Especially if you have an emergency.
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