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Think of us as your replacement to the Yellow Pages and Google. We were set up with one function, to help our customers cut through the noise, stress and cowboys to find a tradesperson who’s right for them and the task they need doing. Be it basic help with DIY or a much larger and important project, we will always have you covered.

DIY is not for everyone and they say it’s always smart to include tradespeople in your circle of friends. That way if anything ever goes wrong there’s always someone you can call. But honestly, how many of us have a one of each one stand-by? The lucky ones among us may have a few tradespeople in their close circle of friends, but eventually we’re going to need to reach for that telephone directory.

Instead we’d like you to try something new, reach for us instead. Unlike a paper telephone directory, we don’t just list tradespeople, we put you in touch with the ones who are best suited to your needs. We ensure that they are local to your and of the highest of quality.

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We’ve all been there when you look through a telephone directory, wondering which of them is the closest, has the best prices and is the most skilled. You may then need to ring several of them to get multiple quotes. And once you’ve gathered these there’s still the question of quality to consider. Are they as good as they say they are or are we about to get ripped off by a cowboy?

Instead many of us will turn to Google when looking for a local tradesperson. This can also be a total minefield as we’ll likely be given a list of potential businesses in no particular order. Some may be nearby, but some could be miles away! While the good news is many of them will have reviews on Google some won’t and there’s unlikely to be any price guides unless they have a particularly strong website. Which many don’t. This can be confusing and it’s hard to know which tradesperson to pick. Just like using a paper telephone directory, it’s a total gamble and we have no assurances of quality.

If only there was a way to eliminate the stress and confusion and pick from a carefully cultivated list of reliable and fairly priced local trades people. Well that’s exactly what we aim to be.

By using us we can eliminate this risk for you. First, we will compile a list of several local tradespeople for you, and to make sure they are top quality we will investigate this information for you. We only recommend tradespeople who’ve been established and in business for a long time, hold positive reviews online and hold the most up to date certifications in their chosen field. Essentially, we want to get you in touch with the best and most qualified local tradesmen or women in your area.

If you’re looking for a plumber or a service related to plumbing, then that is who we’ll find for you. We will provide whatever it is that you need. If you’re unsure in anyway, then don’t hesitate to contact us or consult one of our online guides.

Once we have selected the best tradespeople in your local area, you can then compare them and obtain a free no-obligation quote from each. If you like you can compare their websites, reviews and anything else you may need. But be assured, we wouldn’t have recommended them to you if they were anything less than excellent.

If you would like to hire any of our professional tradespeople then you can do so by booking them online or giving them a call on the telephone.

Will my quote be accurate?

We aim to deliver the most accurate quote we can, but it’s important to stress that any quote from a tradesperson is liable to change depending on the task. Sometimes the scope and magnitude of a job may not be immediately obvious, and our local tradesperson will do their best, but it may be a much bigger and more expensive job than originally thought.

It’s also worth noting that a tradesman may also quote you a price only for it to be much cheaper. Sometimes a job isn’t as difficult as it originally seemed and may be a simple fix. If this is the case then any tradespeople we put you in touch with will be sure to amend their quote to reflect the work that needs doing.

We understand our customers come to us for a quote because they need help with something home related, so we don’t expect you to be experts or to be able to 100% diagnose a problem. But the more information our professional tradespeople have then the more accurate your quote is likely to be.

There could be many reasons for a leaky tap, some of them are a simple fix while some are much more complicated. Whatever the case may be, we’ll do what we can to quote the best and worst case scenarios so no customer ever feels like we’ve not provided a fair and accurate quote.