How Much will a Tarmac Driveway Cost?

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One of the cheapest options that can be used to surface a driveway is tarmac and it not only lasts a long time; it also improves the overall appearance of your property substantially.

Which Aspects are Included in the Pricing?

When installing a tarmac driveway, homeowners can choose to have a brand new driveway installed or simply have an overlay of tarmac placed on to an existing driveway surface.

Average pricing for performing a complete replacement tarmac driveway will normally include the following aspects:

  • Performing a full property inspection to determine where water, gas and electricity lines have been laid
  • Complete digging out and removing of site waste
  • Installing a drainage channel and ensuring that it’s correctly connected to a new soak away
  • Compacting all affected ground and installing a weed prevention layer
  • Laying a type 1 base and compacting it to a thickness of between 15 cm and 17.5 cm
  • Installing all new edging stones and concreting them into place
  • Laying and rolling the binding layer of coarse tarmac
  • Laying and rolling the top finishing layer of fine tarmac

Here a little information regarding approximate costs associated with laying a tarmac driveway according to the above-mentioned specifications:

  • 40 square metres of tarmac will cost approximately £3,100
  • 100 square metres of tarmac an cost around £7,500

These costs can be broken down as follows:

  • Weed felt – about £30
  • Disposing of waste – approximately £400
  • Required amount of type 1 MOT for the driveway sub base – about £290
  • Top tarmac layer and binder layer – around £600
  • Drain pipe, drainage channel and soak away – about £250
  • Labour and labour-related costs – around £550
new tarmac driveway costs

Installing Overlay Tarmac

The only times that it will make sense to install a tarmac driveway as an overlay include:

  • The base underneath the existing driveway has not sunk or dropped
  • No cracks are present in the existing base
  • The additional layer will not breach wall vents or damp coursing on your home
  • Any potholes of up to 30 cm deep are correctly repaired first

Overlays are usually cheaper and quicker to install than a complete new tarmac driveway because no new base, sub base or coarse binding will be required. However, this course of action is not always suitable, especially if your existing driveway is in bad condition. As a result, your driveway should be professionally inspected before any decisions are made with regards to repairing or replacing tarmac.

Average Overlay Pricing

Below are some estimated costs for overlaying driveway of 40 square metres and 100 square metres:

  • 40 square metres – approximately £1,250
  • 100 square metres – around £1,900

Keep in mind that overlay pricing will not include any costs associated with drainage. They will only take priming your existing driveway and laying a surface layer of 3,5 cm of tarmac.

Although it is possible to cut the cost of having a tarmac driveway installed, this will normally involve using thinner layers of the required materials. As such, it is not recommended to go this route because it can cause the driveway to sink over time.

Various Colours of Tarmac

Pricing quoted here only covers the cost of standard black tarmac. Although it is also available in red, this will increase the cost of your quote considerably. Other colours are sometimes also available, but it will usually not be economically viable to choose these, especially in cases where smaller driveway areas are concerned.

If your home’s driveway has seen better days and you would like to ensure that you hire professionals to lay fresh tarmac, complete our website contact form today. You will be put in touch with up to four different accredited contractors within a day or two so that property inspections can be performed and appropriate quotes provided.